3 Design Tips for a Period Home

If you’re lucky enough to be the owner of a period property then there are plenty of design tips and tricks that you can utilise to maximise its features. Whilst it is not always possible to retain every element of a home of this age, it is essential that you take the style into consideration when making renovations. Here are a few tips on how to make the most of your period property.

  1. Highlight Original Features

Period homes tend to come equipped with a whole host of beautiful original features. For a gorgeous and authentic look, these features should be enhanced and highlighted to make them a focal point of the room. You can choose to adorn an original fireplace with a striking mantelpiece or a bright paintjob to create a fusion of modernity and tradition. Original windows can be celebrated by installing plush floor length curtains in luxurious fabrics. Although the shape of period homes can be slightly awkward in comparison to newer builds, you can utilise the alcoves and cupboards by installing fitted storage or furniture. Take advantage of the high ceilings by installing statement low-hanging lighting, such as chandeliers.

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  1. Stay in Keeping

Whatever renovations you have planned for your home, it is essential that you stay in keeping with the period style in order to retain its character and authenticity. The downside of period properties is that they do not come with all the mod-cons and creature comforts of a more modern home, such as double glazing and draft-free flooring. This can lead to bad insulation in the winter months, which can be both uncomfortable and also costly when it comes to bills. If you want all the beauty of a period house without the compromise that comes with it, try installing heat saving wooden sash windows. You can find suppliers of timber window frames in Upper Norwoodwith authentic features inbuilt, meaning that they can fit perfectly into your period home without compromising the style.

  1. Play with your Interiors

The most stylish period homes are those which showcase modern and original features side by side. By choosing modern furniture whose design has nods to the past, you can create a home which is bright and contemporary yet is also in harmony with its past. Opt for sofas with tapered wooden legs, or leather armchairs with brass buttoning for a modern, yet sophisticated look. Throw in some antique furnishings too but beware of going overboard. By sticking to light and muted tones with splashes of bright colour in the smaller details such as the cushions, you can create the perfect fusion between old and new. Patterned furnishings and wallpapers are also a great way to add texture to your home whilst retaining a traditional sense of style.

A period home provides so many opportunities for a celebration of the elegance of the past. By combining original features with inventive interior design, and by retaining as much of the original structure as possible, you can create a beautiful home that fuses the old and the new.

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