3 Good Reasons to Opt for a Memory Foam Mattress

If you are looking for a new bed and/or mattress then you’ve probably noticed the Bed Market has changed somewhat, particularly over the last decade. Today, many people understand that a good night’s sleep is very important, for both the health of body and mind.  Indeed, who doesn’t feel great after a seriously good night’s sleep!  To which, memory foam mattresses have become a popular “health choice”.

A Quick History…

Around since the sixties, this once considered “miracle foam” is by no means a new concept today.

Memory Foam was initially designed by NASA in the sixties, from a highly absorbent and soft material called “visco-elastic”, for aeroplane seats.  The foam moulds to the individuals body as it responds to pressure and heat. This “body moulding” helps to distribute body weight more evenly.  Not only does this make memory foam extremely comfortable, this contouring can also safeguard against injury during an accident. Since then memory foam has been used for helmets plus many medical applications, as well as the manufacture of mattresses and pillows.

1) Pressure Point Relief and so Pain Relief

Memory foam was introduced into intensive care units to cushion and protect their most vulnerable patients.  Memory foam contours the body through heat and pressure. Once these elements areremoved, it goes back to its former shape. A classic mattress with bedsprings works in reverse – It forces the body back, instead of yielding to it, and by doing so can create pressure points. This pushing and pressure can affect blood circulation and promote soft tissue damage resulting in pressure sores as well as prolonged sensitivity in vulnerable regions of the body – For those suffering from damaged and painful joints (like fibromyalgia or arthritis), or suffering back problems, the pain-relieving benefits of using a memory foam mattresses is clear.

2) Marital Bed Blues

When a couple sleep together and either (or both) tend to move a lot, this can lead to some very disturbed sleep patterns followed by a case of the “marital bed blues”. Indeed, it is amazing how upsetting this can be for both parties! A Memory Foam Mattress can solve this problem the very first night. Unlike a classic mattress that bounces around with any movement, a memory foam mattress will absorb, isolate and transfer the movement. This means each can practically roll on and off the bed without disturbing the other!

3) Healthy Back and Spine Positioning

Because this foam contours the body and distributes weight evenly it is able to provide lower back support, thus protecting the spine by allowing it to sit in a more natural and so neutral position. Divan, single and double beds with sprung mattresses tend to concentrate pressure wherever the body makes contact. For back and side sleepers the shoulders, hips and heel areas tend to take the force of the pressure. This leaves the lumber back region unsupported which can cause pain and muscle tension in the legs, hips, neck and lower back regions.

Undoubtedly, the Memory Foam mattress market has helped reduce pain and so promote healthy sleeping patterns throughout the world to date. If you are thinking of buying such a mattress then visit Mattress Time to see a wide range on offer with free next day delivery.

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