5 Great Things About Outdoor Sun Beds.

We Australians are very lucky, because some of us get to use our outdoor areas throughout the year. Its where we get to spend most of our family time, have a BBQ and a cold one, and generally get to relax. However, there is away to make our spaces a lot more fun and a lot more useful. Having somewhere, where you can just lie down and stretch out, settle down with a good book or take an afternoon nap is invaluable, and you can get all this with an outdoor day bed. Here are some of the many benefits of an outdoor day bed.

  1. Take a Nap – Just being able to have a nap is excuse enough for a daybed, and being able to do it outdoors is a real bonus. Having a snooze in the fresh and warm air, or under an umbrella, is a great start or end, to any day. If you are able to section the area off with some dividers, then that’s even better. Lying there, reading a book and then just nodding off is a great feeling. We have all read in a chair, but it’s just not the same.
  1. Movie Time – We all love to watch our movies and lying there on your Lavita Outdoor Sun bed is a great way to do it. Get yourself a little table on the side and throw some popcorn in the microwave, and you are all set to watch your favourite movie in comfort. If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor movie projector, that’s great, but if not, then the tablet or the phone will do just fine.
  1. Have A Cuddle – Cuddling outside with the one you love, is a great way to use your sunbed. Snuggling up on a soft fabric sunbed with your partner, your kids or your dog, is a fantastic way to end any day, and being able to do it under the beauty of the night sky is wonderful. If you happen to fall asleep, then your sun bed offers the best in luxury and comfort, and just think of all that fresh air while you sleep.
  1. Relax While Working – Your outdoor sun bed is generally meant to be a piece of furniture that allows you to relax outside, but doing some work on your laptop can’t be ruled out. Working inside is hot, boring and predictable, but tapping away outside in the warmth of the sun and a fresh breeze blowing over you, is a much better way to complete your work.
  1. Comfort – The first cup of coffee or tea is the best one you will have all day and so drinking it in the comfort of your sun bed, is the ultimate in relaxation. Looking out over your garden or out over the city and enjoying the warm, tasty brew in your hand, is an experience everyone should enjoy. If you get to see the sunrise or sunset at that time, then you are truly lucky.

If you haven’t gotten yourself an outdoor sun bed, then maybe now is the time to do so. They are comfortable, soft and really affordable. Go on, treat yourself.

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