Adding a Personal and Creative Touch to Your Home

Are you thinking of re-decorating your home? Wanting to add that extra, personal touch? Then do not panic, because there are simply and effective ways of turning your home into something creative and personal to you. So what is there to know? Keep on reading and you will be treated to some of the top tips…

  • There are plenty of cheap and affordable ways of how people can re-decorate their home, one creative way is by using an old wooden stool and turning it into a side table, this doesn’t just save money and space but also would complement the style and theme of the room.
  • Mix and matching is possibly one of the greatest ways to save money and make your home creative and unique. You can literally mix and match anything, from chairs to paintings to wallpaper and colour, to mirrors and even pillows. Mix and matching is the way forward and we constantly strive people to follow this new trend.
  • Think creatively. This could literally mean anything and one thing which we do is by adding flowers into a glass jar over a vase. Something simple can make a lot of difference.
  • Bookshelves don’t have to be boring, you can rearrange them to add colour and creativity and not only this but another effective thing to do is you could add an ornament making your bookshelf into something which is so much more than that.
  • Add balance into the room, therefore if you add a little chair on one side of room add one on the other side. Or you could even add a shorter lamp on one side of the room to match the taller lamp of the opposite side.
  • Is the only way to warm your house up through central heating? Well why don’t you add a fireplace into the mix. Fireplaces are great at creating warmth and really give that warm and homely feeling. Not only this but you’re able to choose from a wide variety of different types of fireplaces such as, electric, gas, coal and wood. There are plenty of antique fireplaces London for people to choose from all quality and at affordable prices.
  • You can design a galley with anything, whether it be painting, pictures or even mirrors. Therefore, why not come up with a collection such as purchasing a variety of different mirrors and hanging them up on the wall next to each other.
  • Even by simply rejigging can work wonders, you don’t have to purchase anything new to change up your home you can simply move furniture around and the room look completely different.

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