All About Synthetic Turf: What You Need To Know

How much do you know about artificial turf? Is it enough to help you get the right variety of the product?

It is vital to consider facts when planning to install a synthetic grass. As one of the most respected and leading synthetic turf landscape companies in Sydney, Australian Synthetic Lawns provides you information to minimize your risk of getting a poorly implemented or designed installation. You can visit to learn more important details about synthetic turf.

It has been estimated that the application of artificial grass as a grass lawn replacement for recreation and home landscaping is increasing every year in Sydney. The reason for its popularity is the various benefits it provides, such as aesthetically pleasing, low maintenance and good cost savings.

What is turf made from?

Through the period of research and development, artificial turf has been transformed and changed into third generation artificial turf. Its actual green blade contains a polyethylene material – a type of plastic that may be found in items like plastic bags and bottles. The thatch layer is made from a nylon, polyethylene or polypropylene material. It gives the artificial grass an additional layer of blade recovery and support.

Characteristics of artificial turf

When shopping for a turf, it is suggested to look for a turf that possesses an ultraviolet protective coating. While many of the imitation turf installations are in shaded areas, artificial grass in full sun requires protection from weathering and fading. The grass can easily withstand summer seasons, but it can feel hot if installed especially in a hot climate.

Applications for performance artificial turf

With this product, homeowners can achieve a vibrant, pristine lawn without regular maintenance. Australian Synthetic Lawns’ best synthetic grass for schools, playgrounds and houses has been professionally installed for its ease of maintenance and cost-saving durability. It can also be a brilliant solution for personal putting greens or simply for a durable, lovely lawn for bacci ball, wiffle ball, soccer or croquet.

Turf materials

The durability and quality of a turf is defined by high density fibers, high quality yarns, a good infill, a multi-layer, strong backing and proper ground preparation. Artificial turf products could be made from one yarn of an integration of different yarns. The infill materials serve various purposes. Organic infill is a combination of cork, rice husk and coconut husk fiber.


Installing a turf doesn’t necessarily mean freeing yourself from the process of upkeeping it. However, it is less time-consuming than natural grass. You will still require raking debris and leaves from the lawn to always keep it looking clean and beautiful. Brushing the blades is also part of the maintenance process.

Choose the right company!

To make sure your lawn is properly installed, select a company that specializes in artificial turf installations, such as Australian Synthetic Lawns. Their experienced and trained staffs can guarantee that your installation will be properly done on the first time, which increases the longevity of your lawn.

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