Benefits Of Pursuing Oil Rig Career

Entering an offshore oil rig is both mentally and physically demanding thing to do, and you should understand that before you choose any prospect.

However, if you are a hardworking and energetic individual with cravings for an adventure and profession that features exciting location, you are a perfect candidate for this particular job.

It doesn’t matter which type of offshore accommodations is available because you will be able to earn a steady and significant salary for the time spent inside.

It is not a secret that oil rig workers have to work long hours and hard labor, but when you considering this particular job, you will get numerous benefits apart from disadvantages.

We are here to provide you with the most important benefits that you should know before you decide to enter an oil rig.

Time Off Is Equal As The Amount You Work

You do not have to worry when it comes to oil rig assignments because most of them work 14/14 or 14/21 day program. It means that you will be able to work on the right for two weeks and enjoy the free time the another two or three weeks.

Since the working on an oil rig is draining assignment and employers cannot risk having tired workers and personnel, they allow them to go home to recuperate and to get ready for a new part. If you want to learn more on oil platforms, you should click here.

Great Salary

Even a general laborer will make between $200 and $400 on a daily basis, and if you have a degree for petroleum or chemical engineer, your pay will easily exceed $100k on an annual basis from the very beginning of your career.

In a general manner, oil rig workers tend to make between $40k and $200k a year, but you will get other potentials such as bonuses, pay increase and other incentives depending on company and place you work.

Since oil rig jobs are highly dangerous, you will get high-quality dental, health, life, vision and other types of insurances so that you can enjoy all the way.

These additions and extras will help you stay in excellent working shape, and to have additional protection for your family in case something happens while you work.

Apart from that, companies tend to provide free transportation as well as flight transfers so that you can visit your family during leave, and return afterward without any additional problem.

You Will Have Outstanding Accommodations

You can enter an oil rig that features hotel-like accommodation, and you will be able to enjoy all the way similarly as staying in a five-star hotel. You do not have to worry because these accommodations are entirely free as well as laundry expenses and food that you have to eat.

Therefore, you will leave more money inside your pockets than working any other job that you can.

Satisfy Desire For Adventure

Working in the middle of the ocean on an oil rig is considered as the exotic way to work and life, and it could be personally fulfilling in both directions. You will see sights and areas that you didn’t before, and that will provide you a perfect chance to become better in the long run.

When you add to it the extra benefits, great pay, extended leave, and free food and accommodation, you will have less stress than working any other job that you can find

Find The One With Great Reputation

If you see the post on an oil rig that features high reputation, you will get the cherry on the top after everything we’ve mentioned above. Most companies will provide you the best salaries that you can think of in combination with bonuses and accommodation that will leave you speechless.

You do not have to worry about destroying the environment, because some oil companies have a commitment when it comes to sustainability and that is the main reason why most of them finance projects and patents that use eco-friendly ways of producing energy.


Since we live in the 21st century, the multiculturalism and globalism are two primary factors that affect the way we live on a daily basis.

Working on an oil rig will provide you with a diverse environment on both professional and personal levels, and you will meet people from different backgrounds, ethnic groups, cultures, and nationalities. That will help you become the steadier person that before.

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