Cleaning Tips for Your Double and Single Hung Window Replacements

If you have either double or single hung windows or even any other type of window, you will notice that dust and dirt tend to accumulate on the panes over time. These particles of dirt are carried by ether snow, wind or rain and get deposited on the sides of our buildings. However, with an advanced feature found in the modern windows, the cleaning is made easy for you.

It is recommended that you choose a calm weather day before you start the cleaning process. It is essential to do so because you may remove the panes and the weather conditions worsen which may turn dangerous for your home. Click here to learn more.

  1. Window Maintenance

As the seasons come and go, much dirt is collected at the mesh screens. Therefore, it is highly recommended to dislocate the screen when cleaning the windows. You can use moderate hot water and brush to remove the dirt. Be careful not to use much soap because the soap that remains can act as an adhesive to dust to stick to the mesh.

It is useful also to look for a flat surface to clean the mesh but consult with your local authority on the rules that govern the disposal of the dirt from the cleaning. Also, take great caution when handling the aluminum frame because of it bents easily and may fail to fit well back into the frame if it is misshaped.

  1. Cleaning the Sashes

Double and single hung window come with tilt-in sashes. If you want to clean the outer glass pane, you need to unlock the sash and set free the sashes that keep it in a vertical position. In that way, tilting the panel towards the interior of the house will be possible and quickly reach the exterior glass for cleaning. If possible ask someone to hold the sash for you as this makes the cleaning even more effortless. Having someone to help you will also ensure that you lock the window well, which is quite an essential thing to do for the security of your home.

If you have double or single hung window without a tilt-in feature, you will have to lift it up for proper cleaning. Again, you need to have someone to help you lift the sashes as they can be cumbersome and difficult to remove and install back. Though there exists a difference between single and double hung windows, cleaning is technically the same.

Lastly, for the homeowners with casement windows, cleaning is easy. You need only to open the window to the point where your hands can reach and clean the exterior glass pane.

After cleaning, take back the windows to their positions and check whether they function correctly. It is also good to remove any debris from the windows and any grime that might be developing and apply a lubricant to the hardware.

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