Common Causes of Commercial Roof Damage and How to Spot it

When building your own commercial establishment, it is important that you make sure that the roof is well-made and crafted from quality materials. That also means you need to hire a good roofing company to help you with it. Since the roof helps protect your workers and clients, it should be durable against various weather conditions.

However, once the building is erected, we often forget about the roof. We have this mindset that it will always protect us no matter what. But it’s one of the areas that are most vulnerable to damages.

Here are some of the most common causes and signs of commercial roof damages.


This is the most common type of damage and can be incredibly destructive. Normally, this is caused by wrongly installing the flashings. Where it’s installed, such as walls, can expand and contract depending on the temperature and several types of elements.

In addition, flashings could also cause leaking when it’s rusted or bent. It can also be broken if the flashing has gone beyond its lifespan.

Standing Water

Standing water has also become a real problem and a cause of water damage. This is due to poor flat roof design where there isn’t any type of slope that could drain the water out. Or this could be due to clogged drains.

Check the drains first to see if you can remedy the problem by cleaning it out. However, if the problem is design, it’s highly likely you will need the assistance of a roofing company. It either needs to be remodeled or re-installed.

Mold or Water Stains

Another sign of water damage is mold and water stains. It’s normally found inside the building in walls, ceilings, and maybe even walls. Apart from the visible sign of mold, it’s also likely to smell foul odor from the growing fungi and the decay.

This could be due to water and moisture seeping into your roofing system and into the foundation of the building itself. It can be extremely dangerous when it continues to be ignored. That said, it’s essential that you call your roofing company as soon as possible and have it checked and repaired.

Cracks and Blisters

These are found on the surface of the roofing system and is commonly due to trapped moisture or in between layers of the roof membrane or in between the membrane and the deck itself. When ignored. It can easily cause severe damages to your roofing system.

When you see these cracks and blisters, immediately call your roofing company to have it checked. The repair depends on the extent of the damage is.


When your commercial roof gets extensively damaged, it’s most likely that it will cause unexpected financial problems as repair and re-installing will cost you more. To avoid this, always check your roofing system, especially before and after winter or heavy rain and snow storms that normally causes the most damage.

As soon as you see any kind of damage, take immediate action but try not to

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