Cost And Longevity Of Cedar Shake Roofs To Learn About

Whenever it is about wooden roof coverings, there are mainly two roofing variations available. One is the shakes and another one is the shingles option. Wooden shades are used for centuries and you can see the wide use of it even now. They are split right from the logs and are mostly left as split. The main aim of this service is to retain the roughhewn and textured effect on the wooden bases of the roofing needs. A wood shake is mostly recognizable from far away because of the thick butt ends. If you are looking for some types of cedar shake roofing needs, then you might want to log online at for the immediate help and some variations now.

For the lasting years:

Well, to be very honest, when compared to metallic or slate roofing needs, the cedar shake may not be the best option when it comes to longevity. The metallic or slate ones are designed to last for 100 or even more years than that. On an average with regular maintenance, these cedar shake roofs are designed to last for around 50 years. But, there are various factors which can affect the longevity to a great extent. There are so many variables available in this regard like the type of cedar used the weather of the surrounding, pitch of roof type and even the installation quality. These points will ensure the exact working source of the roofs over here.

Costing of the replacement:

At times, after the longevity of an average of 50 years, you might have to replace the old cedar shake roof for a new one. The most expensive shingling option has to be with the wooden shakes. It can vary between $6 and $9 per square foot, which is quite expensive over here.

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