Crawl Space Encapsulation

Is there is also an air quality issue in your home, then the problem lies is in the crawl space or in basement arena. The only solution to this problem is by creating the barrier in your crawl space. Well in this article we show you some encapsulate your crawl space in low budget.

What Does Crawl Space Encapsulation mean?

For easy understanding of encapsulation means – sealing the crawl space in alleviate to indoor humidity difficulty. These could be a DIY crawlspace encapsulation project or a professional work. A polythene sheet is used as a barrier between the crawl space and your home.

Why consider this?

If you are suffering from excess moisture level at home, then you must encapsulating your crawl space, this is only the way to tackle this matter straight out. Here are some of the common signs to find out if your home is affected by humidity.

  • Smell in crawl space
  • Cooling increases
  • Damp and Mold difficulty
  • Moisture on windows

Some advantages of Encapsulation are –

  • Energy efficiency increases
  • Help in preventing dump and mold
  • Home air quality improve
  • The risk of pests entering from crawl space is reduces

How to Encapsulate your Crawl Space?

Sealing and encapsulating your crawl space is not the same. Sealing means only applying polythene layer of 6 inches of base walls. On the other side, encapsulation refers to sealing all areas of crawl space like the walls, ceiling, and the floor. These also include the installation of insulation as well as inside layer, which will help in increasing energy efficiency of home.

For more information about Encapsulate the Crawl Space, you can also visit to Be Inspired Design website. Here is the way to Encapsulating your Crawl Space (order by order) –

  • Evaluate the space
  • The installing process
  • Lag the hatch door
  • Setting humidity level of home

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