Divan Bed vs Bed Frame: What Works for You?

If you are looking at choosing a new bedframe in a bed sale online or in store, you might find it difficult to understand what would best work for you and your situation. You need to find the right bed frame to suit your individual needs. But, you will also need to take into consideration that there is more to choosing a new bed than simply selecting the first best one you see.

If you have been mulling over whether to choose between a bed frame and a divan bed then we have the perfect guide for you. In this guide, we will take a look at these two popular beds to make your decision process just that little bit easier.

Divan Beds

Advantages of Divan Beds

Divan beds are absolutely perfect if you have very limited space in your bedroom. Many of the divan beds available on the market come inclusive of built-in storage facilities. These beds also tend to take up far less space than conventional beds. Divan beds are created to fit the mattress it was designed for perfectly.

Despite their smaller size, there is no compromise on support or comfort offered by divan beds. If one of the worries you may have is whether the bed would offer you the right amount of support when you need to know that many of the divan beds available today have padded tops which add a firmer feel to your mattress. You will also find that divan beds offer far more options for personalization than their framed counterparts.

Disadvantages of Divan Beds

While divan beds don’t have many disadvantages there are a few things you will need to keep in mind before making your choice. As divan beds are considered multi-purpose furniture due to their storage abilities, they have a tendency to have a higher price than most bed frames. Along with this, you may also find that you could have difficulty rearranging your bedroom once the divan bed is in place. This is partly due to the weight of the bed and partly due to the location of the draws in the bed.

Bed Frames

Advantages of Bed Frames

One of the key advantages of buying a bed frame is that they are aesthetically pleasing in a more traditional sense of the word. These beds often feature stylish designs and are perfect for a bedroom with a particular theme in mind. A good quality bed frame is a long lasting investment. Bed frames also usually feature built-in headboards so there would be very little else you will need to buy for your bedroom.

Disadvantages of Bed Frames

Bed frames are slightly larger than their divan equivalent. This means that if you are pressed for space in your home, you will need to make a plan for additional storage. Alternatively, you may want to look for a smaller bed or options which are more compact. Another disadvantage of a bed frame is that you may be required to tighten parts of the bed from time to time.

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