Does Your Church Need Rewiring Services?

One of the challenges faced by commercial electricians is when they must rewire a church. However, the rewards of rewiring are great, as new lighting revives worship while allowing a church to comply with lighting regulations at the same time.

Preparing for the Work

When rewiring a church, electricians must prepare for the work by taking an audit of the current wiring and lighting system. By focusing on the project, electricians can reduce the chance of error and the need for making subsequent modifications.

Therefore, an audit must be prepared that accounts for the existing and future needs for wiring and illumination, including the following:

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  • The optimum estimated use of electricityor the intake capacity
  • The availability for system upgrades, expansion, and maintenance
  • Easy-to-use lighting controls
  • Adequate power outlets

The scheme should be designed in its entirety before making any applications for permission. The highest specification should be used as well, according to the available funds. By investing in quality lighting and wiring, a church will experience a longer service life with a reduced level of maintenance while upgrading its lighting performance.

Making a Case for New Wiring and Lighting

Normally, an electrician in Glasgow must convince a church council about the feasibility of a lighting upgrade, as church councils do not frequently allocate funds for this type of project because wiring and lighting are low priorities. As a result, the wiring in a church may be in use longer than is considered safe.

Examples of Old and Outdated Wiring

Some churches still have wiring dating back to the 1930s. However, when an upgrade is suggested and made, churchgoers find the results to be extremely satisfying. For example, some of the old wiring may include lead-sheathed wires or steel switch-type fuses. Mineral-insulated cable may still be in place as well as cable sheaths that feature rodent damage.

A Needed Improvement

If you have experienced failure with your circuit breakers or even a disconnection, you need to make an improvement right away. Adding new lighting and wiring in a church will enhance your worship service, beautify the architecture, and will help people see better as well.

Choosing LED Lighting Schemes

Churches also see a reduction in what they spend on energy when they add new wiring or lighting. The introduction of compact fluorescent lamps or CFLs gives churches an advantage over using high-watt tungsten halogen lamps. However, it is even more advantageous today to choose LED lighting. The long lamp life and lower maintenance for these bulbs offsets the installation costs for wiring and lighting.

As a result, church councils are seeing the wisdom in investing in rewiring services and adding lights, such as LED bulbs, in their decorating schemes. An investment in new wiring and lighting can make a noted difference in a church’s influence in a community.

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