Easy tips you can use to hang canvas prints on your walls

Have you been collecting canvas prints but are not satisfied with the way they look on your walls? Most people tend to focus on the art that they overlook the importance of proper hanging and positioning of such pieces. Once you have identified the perfect canvas art for your home, you need to focus on the best way to display it. While some of the pieces tend to shine when positioned alone, others look good when grouped with the rest of your wall art. Look for a way to create a gallery display that everyone can admire at home. 

After determining the right placement for your canvas prints, you need to learn how to hang them correctly. Put into consideration the size of a print before hanging. One of the advantages of canvas prints is that it is light even if the print is large. This, therefore, makes it easy to hang without additional help. For you to hang canvas correctly, you should also key in the type of wall you intend to hang it on. Concrete walls are ideal for hanging beautiful pieces of art. 

You should also have the right tools before you start hanging art. Some of the tools include a screwdriver, hammer, pencil, tape measure, and protector pads. Start by cleaning the wall using a damp cloth to get rid of any dust on the surface. You can then take measurements of the canvas so that you know the precise surface area it will occupy on the wall. Ensure that you don’t hang the print close to the ceiling but try to place it at eye level so that it does not lose its significance. Experts recommend hanging of canvas prints at least 56 inches from the floor and around 10 inches above the main furniture. 

Use the pencil to mark the center point so that you can hang the canvas print accurately. If you don’t have a lot of space in your home, you can move some of the items that may be blocking you while hanging the pieces. The protector pads should always remain on the back part of the canvas print. This can prevent the development of scratches on your favorite piece. 

The size of your canvas should guide you into choosing the right size of nails. If, for instance, you want to hang a print that measures 8 x 10, you should use medium-sized nails. Ensure that you use steel or brass nails so that you don’t struggle to hammer them through the wall. You should also make use of sawtooth brackets to stabilize the canvas print. 

If the print comes with a frame, you can screw in some eye hooks to hold the piece securely. Ensure you hang the print at the exact spot you marked. If you have big canvas prints, you can use j-hooks instead of eye hooks to hang them. Check if the maker of the print may have included recommendations on the right types of hooks to use if you are not sure about this. 

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