Five Benefits of Hiring Mobile Self-Storage Units

One of the worst parts of moving is packing and hiring a truck or a company to take everything to your new residence. Fortunately, there are many self-storage companies that have made moving much easier by offering mobile storage units. Here are five benefits of using mobile self-storage.

Offers Flexibility

Mobile self-storage units come in a variety of sizes to fit your storage needs. Whether you’re moving or storing items that you don’t immediately need, you can order the right unit size for you or multiple units if moving your household. The unit can also be stored at the company’s facility if you’re temporarily moving into an apartment while looking for a house or while your home is renovated.

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On-Site Convenience

Instead of needing to take boxes, furniture, or old toys to a storage facility to load a unit, the unit comes to you. EZE Box cheap storage will deliver a storage unit to your home so you can take your time loading it with the items you want to keep but just not in your house. Then, when you’re done packing the unit, they will pick it up and take it to their secure facility where it will be stored until you need to take items out of it.

Units Protect Items

While many storage companies keep mobile units safely in a warehouse, if they need to be outside, the material they are made from will keep your possessions secure and clean. They are weatherproof so if it rains or snows, the boxes and other items inside will not get wet. Also, dust, rodents, and insects will not be able to penetrate the metal from which the units are made so nothing will get dirty or infested while it is in a storage unit.

Pay for What Is Needed

By packing the storage unit yourself, you can save money on getting everything ready to move or for storage. Also, you can either supply your own packing materials such as boxes and tape or you can buy them from the storage company if necessary. There are many ways to save money by using mobile storage units and you will pay only for what you use instead of getting charged for services that you don’t need.

Take Time Unpacking

Moving can be strenuous so instead of having a delivery company pressuring you to get the house open and let them unpack the truck when they arrive at the new house, you can take your time unpacking a mobile unit yourself. You get what you need for the evening so everyone can rest, then finish the job the next day.

Using mobile self-storage units is easy and convenient and you can save money by doing the packing and unpacking yourself.

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