How Do Kent Water Purifiers Help in Saving Water?

Kent has without a doubt made a name for itself in the water purification market. With great marketing and excellent products, people across the country are now using Kent water purifiers in their household. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the water purifier to complete its purification function so that you could get a few liters of almost drinkable water. With the help of innovative purification technologies, you can have drinking water that is 100% pure and available 24/7.

RO purifiersfrom Kent, whichhave UV+UF as well,are the best water purifier for home. Generally, RO process discards about 80% of the water and gives outonly 20% pure water. Kent RO purifiers, on the other hand, are much more efficient. Here are the ways in which Kent water purifiers help in saving water:

  1. Save Water Technology:

Kent water purifiers have an intelligent ‘Save Water’ technology that discardsonly 50% of the water. This means that about 50% of the water, whichgoes into the Kent system, comes out as pure water. The other conventional RO purifiers tend to discard about 80% of water. This way, Kent water purifiers help in saving water. Here’s a quick insight into the concept behind this technology. Before the water passes through the RO semi-permeable membrane, it is pre-filtered. This makes it easier for the membrane to go ahead with the reverse osmosis process and give out more water.

  1. Discarded Water Can Be Reused forIrrigation Purposes:

As the discarded water is generally rich in salts and other minerals that are harmful for humans, they can’t be used for drinking purposes. One of the major ways in which the 50% discarded water can be reused is irrigation. This implies that you can use this discarded water to water plants and gardens.

  1. The Discarded Water Can Also Be Reused for Washing Utensils:

As utensils don’t need 100% pure water, salty water can be used to clean the utensils. Therefore, 50% water that gets discarded can be easily used for cleaning up utensils. These can be plastic or steel utensils as water isn’t going to corrode steel.

  1. This Water Can Be Used for Mopping and Other Cleaning Purposes:

Since cleaning is one of the most common uses of water, this water can be used for any kind of cleaning task. Therefore, all the water that has been rejected or discarded by the RO system is carefully dropped via a small pipe, which can be easily fitted to a mug or a bottle of some kind. Once the bottle is completely filled, that bottle can be used to mop the floor, wash car windshields, wash the bathroom tiles etc. All you need to do is make sure to collect the discarded water in the optional tank that is provided with the purifier.

By discarding only 50% of the entire water volume, RO purifiers from Kent are way better at saving water when compared to the other purifiers in the market. On top of that, the discarded water also has various uses if harvested. This means that Kent has given the public a way save water.

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