How to Increase Your Roofs Longevity

It is vital that you maintain your roof and keep it in excellent working order throughout the year, it is without a doubt one of the most important features of your home, and without a solid cover, you leave your home and its contents exposed to the elements. Here are some excellent tips to help increase your roofs longevity, leaving it in a good condition all year round.

Book an Annual Roof Inspection

It is important to have your roof checked by a trained professional at least once a year to ensure everything is in proper working order, it is safer to contact an experienced roofer than climbing up onto the roof by yourself. If you don’t have the right safety equipment, one wrong step could end in disaster, so it is more sensible to let a trained roofer handle the inspection. If your home is situated around the capital, there are plenty of first-rate companies who provide inspection services and roof restoration in Sydney. Several of them operate throughout the region covers areas such as Glenfield, Camden, Blaxland, and Ambervale.

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Repair Damaged Shingles

If you’ve recently experienced heavy winds or a storm has passed through your neighbourhood, your roof may have suffered some damage. This is a good time to get out a ladder or rent a stable hoisting device to see whether your shingles are still intact. Strong winds can easily lift them off the roof leaving your home vulnerable, it is vital that you address any problems as soon as possible before water penetrates your home. If you’re not comfortable repair the damage yourself, you can always contact a roofer to come and look after the job.


It is important to keep your roof and gutters clean throughout the year, this means getting up to remove excess debris and moss. You must clear your gutters, so nothing blocks the flow of rainwater on your roof, if it is left unattended and it suffers a blockage, water could leak into your roof and cause internal damage. Hose down the roof and use an outdoor yard brush or solid bristled broom to remove anything that shouldn’t be there, just be careful not to damage the shingles or gutter when cleaning.

Clear Trees & Shrubbery

If you’ve any trees or shrubbery growing around your garden, it is vital that you keep it well trimmed to avoid any issues. If you have any large branches hanging over your roof, there is a chance that they could break off during high winds and damage your roof. That is why it’s important to keep them cut back, so if they fall they’ll only land in your garden and not on your tiles.

Taking simple steps to maintain your roof can extend its life for many years, even if you only check it a few times a year at least you’ll know if it requires any sort of maintenance. By giving it some time and attention you could save yourself a considerable amount of money on a complete restoration if you don’t bother to make regular checks.

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