How to Rent a Lifting Crane

A lifting crane is commonly required by contractors on the construction site for lifting the heavy building blocks and moving them to the higher floors. Lifting cranes are relatively bigger compared to other types of cranes, and the attachment at the end of the crane can be switched out depending on the type of project. Most contractors do not buy such expensive machinery, instead preferring to rent it from industrial machinery providers. However, there are many companies offering lifting cranes and other industrial machines for rent, so you have to be careful before confirming the rental.

As a contractor, the last thing that you would want to do is to hire a lifting crane and other industrial machinery at a rate that’s higher than the market. This will affect your profitability on the entire project and make it difficult for you to break even. If you are interested in renting a lifting crane in Huddersfield, here are a few important tips to follow before renting.

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Look for a Provider Nearby

Keep in mind that almost every company will charge a transportation fee along with the rental price. The price for delivering the crane to the construction site is added to the overall costs of the rental, and this could prove to be significant if you are renting from a company situated halfway across the city. Always narrow down your options by looking at companies that are located nearby. Some companies even offer free delivery of industrial machines to the construction site if your address is within their specified radius. If you can find a decent rental company locally, you stand to save a considerable amount of money.

Look for Obstructions and a Suitable Route

You should always keep an eye out for obstructions on the route, and then settle on a suitable route for the industrial machine to be transported to the construction site. Low-hanging wires, trees, and horizontal branches can all pose a threat to the industrial crane. Because of the sheer size of the machinery, transportation is often an issue. You have to provide information to the company about which route to take, and tell them about any possible obstructions along the way or on the site so that the operators can select an alternative route.

Book In Advance

Lifting cranes are in popular demand, and are usually booked for most of the year. You have to make sure that you make a booking for the lifting crane a few months before work on the site commences. This way, you won’t have to worry about availability at the last minute. The company will deliver the crane on the specified date and time as requested so that work can begin without delay.

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