Interior Designing Team VS Virtual Staging Team

What if we say you don’t need an interior designing team right now?

What if we say all you need is a good virtual staging team right now?

This is not something that we say; it is something that a lot of people are doing at the moment. Nothing can be better than getting a good interior designer on board for your brand new house, but there is something that people are counting upon more than anything else and that is the team of virtual staging companies.

We are not here to put the concept, or works, of interior designing down; we are just here to tell you what people are experiencing by hiring people that are into the virtual staging concept in the market.

An interior designer, who is popular for his work and is highly qualified as well as talented, charges a bomb to you as his service fee. If you want to get him on board, you have to either pay him what he is asking for or simply negotiate with him, which can be quite embarrassing at times. On the other hand, a virtual designing company, even if it is one of the most popular names in the market, ensures to keep its prices less. Since their task is to be in front of their computer screens and work on the bland pictures of your house, they charge you accordingly.

An interior designer might not listen to your advices because he thinks he is the best due to his experience, work portfolio and loyal clients. If he is popular in the market, he believes he is the best and thus, your opinions do not matter to him, even though you are paying him for his work in YOUR house. On the other hand, a virtual staging team ensures to welcome your suggestions, use your opinions and even make the changes in the final design, in case you are not very satisfied with the result. Until and unless you are satisfied with what you see in the pictures of your house, they ensure to keep modifying the pictures for you.

Lastly, an interior designer might copy the designs of other designers or repeat some of his old works. On the other hand, a virtual staging team ensures to put some of the best and most unique furniture and interior décor items for you no matter how old it is in the market.

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