Maintaining Your Floor Buffing Machine for Optimal Longevity

Your company’s commercial floor buffing machine is not an investment to take lightly so maintaining it will allow you to squeeze out more life in each product. Employees will need to treat your cleaning tools with respect as if it were other high-cost items like vehicles so be sure to instill that mindset into your team. Using the tips below, your machine should outlive its projected lifespan and your initial investment will be worth it.

Take The Manual Seriously

The owner’s manual will typically have clear instruction on how to clean and maintain your product. In addition to that, it may also contain part specifications in the event that parts need to be replaced in the future. Take the advice of the manual seriously so that the machine may be used as its design had intended.

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Take Advantage of Warranties and Maintenance Plans

Although the lifespan of your floor buffing machine will typically outlive the warranty, one should always take advantage of any maintenance plans offered. Especially considering that your team may not be well prepared for major repairs, it is good to be within the coverage of the manufacturer.

Have a Daily Maintenance Routine

Your team should get in the habit of regularly checking the machine for failing parts and basic cleaning. The scrubber pads and other components should be regularly cleaned, and the proper chemicals should be used. If the team has trouble sticking to a routine, implement a daily checklist that must be abided by to assurance.

Give the Squeegee Special Care

The machine’s squeegee is one of the most vital components since it will evenly distribute the cleaning product on the floor. Check to make sure that there are no tears or else it must be replaced. It should not be excessively dirty so clean it with chemicals whenever applicable.

Use More Efficient Batteries

In general, gel batteries will require less maintenance and a lower initial investment than acid batteries. It is worth investing in a new set of batteries as long as you use a trusted brand. If the manual suggests a certain type of replacement battery, it is best to stick to that suggestion.

Know When to Replace Parts

Replacing parts constant is obviously a cost that nobody wants to front, but it may be necessary for most instances. The best time to replace a part is when there is a noticeable lack of performance from when it was new. If the defects of a part are negligible or only aesthetic, then it may not be worth a replacement.

Keeping in mind the tips above, your floor buffing machine will be a part of your company for quite a while. If you ever need a replacement in the future, you may save even more money by purchasing refurbished models rather than something brand new.


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