Making Sure That You Have Solid Foundations before Building Begins

It is absolutely essential that every building has solid foundations even before the first brick is placed. Whether it is a large office block or a humble home, good foundations mean that the many types of problems are minimised and that the build can proceed. The good news is that there are specialised companies that are experts in not only installing solid foundations but also covering any geo-technical work.

Why Do Solid Foundations Matter So Much?

The fact is that a solid foundation is essential to any build. Any defects in the foundation slab itself are magnified as the building gets bigger and gets taller. Indeed, the bigger the building needs to be, the stronger the foundations also need to be. For office blocks and other large buildings, for example, it is necessary to drill pilings into the soil to form a series of reinforced deep soil foundations even before a slab is poured.

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At the most fundamental level, a building foundation maintains the strength and the integrity of the building built on top of it. A strong foundation keeps the building level and prevents cracking and sagging. The bigger the building is, the stronger, deeper, and more complex the foundation structures must also be.

The average building needs to last for many years but it is subject to the shearing forces of strong winds, the erosion of rainfall, the movement of subsurface soil, and the harsh heat of the sun that can crack and damage concrete. It is in this context that a solid foundation is absolutely critical to the short- and long-term integrity of the building above it.

How Can a Foundation Specialist Help?

Whether it is a simple house build for a local developer or a community hall for the local council, the good news is that expert and professional foundation laying in Chelmsford is available from specialised companies. Typically, these companies offer the following services:

  • Surveys: Even before a single litre of concrete is poured, it is important that a geo-technical survey and report is completed. During this process, an expert assessment is made of the structure of the soil and its potential for movement; the capacity of the soil to bear the weight of the foundation and the building; if there is any groundwater that may compromise the build; and whether the soil is contaminated and will need remediation.
  • Piling: For large buildings, deep-drilled pilings are often a requirement. These pilings are reinforced and support a much large concrete slab foundation.
  • Foundations: Finally, once the geo-technical reports have been completed and assuming their favour, a concrete foundation slab can be poured, reinforced, and then levelled.

No matter what the building is, a solid foundation is absolutely critical. This process is technical and involves a number of specialised processes.

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