More Than Just A Storage Shed

A garden shed can serve more purposes than a storage building for your lawn tools and other items that are used outside. Since they come in various sizes, you should examine the yard so that you get a shed that isn’t too overwhelming or one that is too small for the things that you want to store. When you have the shed in place, you can begin installing shelves and other additions for organizational purposes.

Playing Along

A fun way that you can use a building from Sheds Unlimited is to make a playhouse for your children. You can get very creative in how the playhouse looks. Build walls inside a large shed to create different rooms, build a porch on the front of the shed, or put furniture inside the playhouse so that children can enjoy sitting with each other and pretending like they have their own miniature home away from home. You can decorate the shed with wallpaper, curtains, carpet, paint, lights and other things that you can get online, at a hardware store or at a craft store.

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Growing Plants

When you get the shed set up in the yard, remove the panels that make up the walls and the ceiling, replacing them with glass or sturdy plastic that will allow the sun to shine through. The storage shed can be turned into a safe haven for the plants that you don’t want to put in the ground or those that take up too much space inside the home. Install shelves that can hold some of the plants that you don’t want to keep on the ground. A greenhouse is an idea to consider if you have plants that shouldn’t be in the direct sunlight but still need to be outdoors so that they will thrive.

Office Space

Turn your shed into an art studio or an office so that you have your own space instead of being inside the house all day. You can install lights and other amenities so that you’re comfortable while working, reading or painting. This is an option to consider if you work from home and want to keep your job away from your family or if you want a retreat that allows you to enjoy time alone while taking part in a favorite hobby. The shed can also be used by your children so that they have a quiet environment to do homework or complete a project for school.

Spa Days

Transform your shed into a home gym or a spa with only a few changes to the inside of the building. You can have music inside the shed as motivation to exercise or to relax while you’re enjoying your spa treatment. The size of the shed will dictate how much equipment you can put inside if you want a home gym. Use an inflatable pool and some candles to turn the shed into an oasis that you can enjoy after a long day or if you want to entertain a few friends before enjoying a BBQ on the back porch.

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