Must Have Item to Complete the Perfect Nautical Themed Interior

Do you own a lake house or a home on the beach? If so, are you ready to give it a makeover, while also adding comfort with a sense of unmatched style to its interior and/or exterior?

If you answer is yes to both of those questions, adding nautical ceiling fans will be a crucial addition to your décor, both for style and a comfortable climate to relax in.

Different Ways Ceiling Fan Styles Become Nautical

Use of Sail Blades

One way, and probably the most popular way a ceiling fan becomes classified in this design theme is by using canvas blades that mimic sails from a sailboat. Some people call these “sail cloth blades”.

The 52 inch Nautical Raindance, by Gulf-Coast fans, uses five curved aluminum frames with a series of springs that connect canvas material onto the frames. This pulls the canvas tight from the base of the fan to the end of each frame. It’s really a creative idea that gives a sense that the fan’s breeze is being created by sails from an old sailing ship. You’ll feel like your out on the high-seas when the crisp refreshing breeze flows across your skin.

Use of Coastal Designed Lighting

Some models suggest this aquatic look by the use of lighting fixtures that are reminiscent of lights commonly found illuminating boat dock houses by the lake, or lighting the way on piers at the beach.

A very popular fan that incorporates this idea into the design is the 54 inch Rainmanby Minka Aire. This maritime worthy ceiling fan has been designed from the light up. The fan’s body is perfectly molded to fit the light below. The light has a large metal top hat, with a smaller glass shade in the middle. The glass is protected by a metal cage that encourages the nautical theme. This uniquely salty fan is very subtle and fits into any coastal environment nicely.

Designed Around Light Houses

Although they may not look like a replica of Cape Hatteras Light, which is a famous lighthouse located on Hatteras Island, in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, some fans still are inspired by the great lighthouses that help seamen find their way back home to land.

Such a fan is the 52 inch Craftmade Port Arbor. This fan combines several design ideas to complete the perfect nautical themed ceiling fan. The kind needed to add inspiration to every great beach home’s décor.

Conclusion and Where to Find Them

These naval inspired ceiling fans are the necessary design element to complete your interior makeover at your favorite getaway residence. Even if you decorating project was finished a long time ago, and you missed adding this essential piece of art and function at first, remember, no room in a well thoughtout waterfront home is complete without it.

While they may be hard to find in local stores, at places like Palm Fan Store,, these ceiling fans are easy to come by. Other online shops such as Modern Fan Outlet and Ceiling Fantastic have a great selection also, and all three make shopping for these locally hard to find items a breeze.

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