Reasons to Hire a Professional Removals Service in York

Having to gather all your personal belongings and move to a new premise is not only emotional but physically draining. There is always a discussion over whether you’d be better off hiring a professional removals team or carrying out the whole process by yourself. Here are some of the many reasons you should opt to hire a removal specialist rather than worrying about moving by yourself.


Packing alone costs a lot more than you think, most moving professionals will agree that homeowners who choose to move their belongings by themselves end up wasting a lot of money, they even suggest that packing alone accounts for about 25% of your expenses. So, based on cost analysis, you could spend a significant amount of money on packing your belongings into a van before even leaving your home. Why is this? Because you’ve no experience in the industry usually means you’ll make mistakes, mistakes such as using far too many boxes to store items, not properly packing your belongings which results in damage during transport or dropping items when loading and unloading the removals truck.

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Knowledge of the Area

If you’re planning a relocation move in York, Leeds, Sheffield, or any other city in mainland UK, you’ll benefit from hiring a professional mover. They have extensive knowledge of the country, so they won’t get lost moving your belongings from one end of the country to the next. Once you request their services, they’ll conduct an analysis of your location and destination, ensuring they know the area and the most convenient way to get there. Knowing the route is essential so that your personal belongings reach their destination on time and in an immaculate state.

Safe Transportation

Professional removals companies are more experienced than you are, they do this kind of work for a living, so they know exactly how to transport items without damaging units. The safety of your goods is paramount when it comes to dealing with a removals company, they pride themselves on providing a service that ensures your belongings don’t get damaged during the transportation process, that also included loading and unloading from the removals truck. Having your personal belongings insured gives you peace of mind, if anything does go wrong, you won’t have to pay any money for repairs or replacements.

Correct Moving Equipment

There is no problem with borrowing a truck from your friend and carrying out the moving process by yourself, but you’ll face issues not having access to the right kinds of moving equipment. Having the right equipment reduces the risk of injury, having experience also means you’re less likely to make basic mistakes when hoisting bulky items into and out of the trucks.

The benefits of hiring a professional removals company far outweighs the do it yourself approach to moving home. Reputable removals organisations offer safe transportation of goods, all facilitated by the correct type of equipment, extensive knowledge of the country and cost efficiency. Hiring a professional is less stressful and safer than going it alone.

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