Seasonal Home Maintenance Checklist

No matter how often you perform maintenance on your house, you never know when a giant branch can fall on your roof or an opossum suddenly dies in your gutter. 

(Well, actually, you would notice the branch probably. Sort of a big thing not to notice.)

But the poor ole ‘possum would stay there for days or weeks before you’d notice its carcass! 

Or what if hornets make a nest under your garage door? That’s not as sad or as stinky, but it’s still a problem. 

Well, in this article, we’re going to show you how you can always be on top of your household’s ‘needs’ throughout the four seasons. So, you can be just like Vivaldi and his four seasons! 

(Minus the musical genius, the violin skills, and the impeccable late 17-th century apparel…

 Ah…. Well, then …. 

Anyway, let’s start gittin’ that dead ‘possum outta that yonder ditch! Gutter!

Without further ado, here’s the lot.


Inspect the Attic for Leaks – After winter, you can count on the fact that your roof suffered the brunt of the moisture and watery abuse during the snowfall season. Now that everything’s thawed, you need to check for signs of leakage in your attic. 

Remove Gunk from Gutters – Let’s all stand united in hope that, in fact, it’s NOT a dead possum that emanates that rancid smell! (But if it is a possum in there, you need to get rid of it. Also, remove dead leaves, moss and other unwelcome growths from the gutter while you’re there.

Check the Fire Ducts – The fire duct represents a sensitive part of your house that ensures safety for all folks living inside. This is why it’s imperative you check it’s ‘health status’ every now and again. 


Check for Termites, Ants, and Hornet Nests – As the summer approaches, the wildlife will start really coming to… well… life. This means that all sorts of bugs and wood-eating creatures will start crawling around. Get them checked before they invade your property!

Treat Mole Holes – Moles are oblivious to race, color, and creed or whether or not you’re a Republican or a Democrat. They’ll ruin everyone’s lawn equally gladly. Therefore, when you start seeing them burrow their nasty little holes, make sure to treat your lawn with one of those mole repellent solutions. That ought to get the job done. 


Clean Up the Leaves – … which will assume all sorts of beautiful hues this time of the year! And also there’ll be plentiful. Do expect quite a lot of leaves, indeed. Rake them up into piles, let them rot, burn them – it’s up to you. Just make sure to get rid of them.

Furnace Inspection – … or wood stove inspection. Whatever it is you use for heating your home needs to be thoroughly checked before the heating season actually starts! You don’t want to get caught unprepared when the first snow sets in. (Which probably won’t be that fast thanks to global warming. But boy will it be cold!


Check Sinks for Leaks – Leaks tend to be quite annoying on their own. But how about pairing up a leak with some potentially pipe-cracking freezing action! To prevent this disastrous turn of events, make sure to check your pipes and the sink against leaks regularly during the winter. 

Inspect the Washing Machine Hose – If it’s in contact with water and it’s minus God knows what outside (past the freezing point downwards, of course), it’s got to be checked. Even elastic washing machine hoses can get frozen and so rendered unusable during the winter! 

As you can see, taking care of a house is a year-round job, but it needs to get done if you mean to provide a comfortable and safe existence for your family. The sooner you complete these errands, the less you’ll have to do later! 

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