Signs of a Bad of Failing Radiator Hose

Whether you have custom radiator hoses or regular radiator hoses it is important that you check them on a regular basis to ensure that they are in optimum working order. Common signs of bad and failing radiator hoses include leaking coolant, engine overheating, low coolant lights coming on and radiator hose damage or collapsing, and these are all things which we aim to cover today.

Check for these things

Leaking coolant

Look out for green fluid under your car; if you spot green liquid there is a strong possibility that this is leaking coolant fluid. This fluid smells sweet, so smell it to be sure. If you spot this liquid, it could have come from your radiator hose, radiator drain cock or the actual radiator – Because of the range of possibilities it is important that you take your car to a recommended mechanic to get it checked out.

Engine overheating

Your car’s engine should NOT overheat and if you notice that it is overheating this means that your cooling system is not working correctly. The radiator hose may be to blame in this case – radiator hoses can leak and crack after being in place for some time. If you notice that your car is overheating take it to the garage immediately so that they can correct the issue for you or if you know what you are looking for have a look yourself.

Low coolant

If you notice that you have to replenish your coolant fluid constantly there could be a leak in your radiator hose. Look to see if there are drips coming from your hose, and if there is replace it, following manufacturer’s guides impeccably.

Collapsed radiator hose

This one is easy to spot. Simple inspect your hose to see t has collapse d- if it has it needs replacing, and quickly. Hoses collapse when they become soft and weak and when collapsed coolant is unable to flow correctly.

Hose is broken

When inspecting your radiator hose to see if it is broken things that you should look out for include leaks, swelling, holes, cracking and softness – these are all clear signs of damage and mean that your hose needs addressing. It is vital that you ensure that this hose in the best condition possible.

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