The Reasons Why Ready Mix Concrete Makes Life Much Easier on any Building site

On a worksite, there are not many things which are more bothersome to produce than concrete. Bags of cement, sand, aggregate (gravel) and other additives must be delivered to building sites on a regular daily basis. Plus, there must also be a good supply of clean water, along with a concrete mixing hopper.

And then, when all of the dust and heavy ingredients have been placed inside of the hopper, one little error in the wet/dry mix ratio can make afull batch of concrete unusable and put to waste.

  • Today, one easy answer to this messy and time wasting issue is the simple use of ready mix concrete.

Making it Easy

Today’s ready mix concrete manufacturers use the same cement, aggregate, additives and water mix, but the product is made off-site and then delivered to the building zone.

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  • Large trucks with revolving rear hoppers, take place of those smaller hoppers on the site.

The concrete is typically ordered straight from a local supplier who can make any customised blends and/or bulk orders. Modern ready mix concrete supplies are now the norm on the majority of building sites all over the world. A number of contractors sometimes need a unique type of mix, as in more aggregate in their concrete, or special curatives added for quicker drying times.

High Standards Guaranteed

Companies which makeready mix concrete bags in London, normally belong to a professional organisation which oversees every one of their members. Any updated changes in the industry can be rapidly implemented or discussed during regular meetings.

It is not unusual to already find ready mix concrete companies in the industrial sectors of cities or rural areas. Huge amounts of sand, gravel and various other aggregates are commonly stockpiled on these grounds, along with heavy equipment and delivery truck. Companies who happen to specialise in the business of concrete can also arrange for gravel to be put to use on road and motorway construction and cement for various other construction projects.

Time and Motion

Top quality ready mix concrete is mostly ordered in units of cubic yards or metres and has to remain in motion until just before the time that it must be poured, otherwise the cement can start to solidify. The concrete mix is then released from the hopper in a steady stream down through a trough system.

  • Site workers will then come along and use spades and hoes to ensure that the concrete goes perfectly into place.
  • Some jobs will be in need of more than one production run, in which case, more trucks arrive as required or additional batches can be made off-site and then delivered.

And think about that, without any concrete, all of those buildings around you, and indeed the one you are in right now, wouldn’t be there! As a matter of fact, without any concrete,the majority of the buildings around the modern world wouldn’t exist!

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