Things to do when your crowdfunding campaign has reached its 50% mark

So you have reached halfway towards meeting your crowdfunding target. You are happy, and yet you are impatient. Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel comfortable having a little bit of extra money in hand, just in case? But beware. This is the critical juncture at which things often go very, very wrong. A crowdfunding campaign is a full time occupation really. This is something many managers tend to forget, as a result of which many campaigns with a lot of potential go kaput in the fag end. So you need to keep certain things in mind once your crowdfunding campaign has reached the 50% mark:

  • Make videos. Videos are now the best way of making your story reach the audience. What many managers of crowdfunding campaigns don’t realize is that videos can be utilised at all stages of the campaign. So instead of just limiting it to the beginning as a method of introduction, make videos to give your potential donors an insight into how things are going at all levels- how are the target groups benefiting, stories of the beneficiaries and the important donors, and the like.
  • You can change your mode to rewards-based crowdfunding if your campaign wasn’t so always. The amount of money raised gives you some confidence. So now is the time to think on your feet. You can include more sponsors. You can have rewards like T-shirts, trips, etc.- whatever suits the situation without inconveniencing you.
  • You can also introduce the peer to peer model, now that you have some success to account for. It all depends on the kind of crowdfunding campaign, really. But if situations permit, you can host events, for example, to make your campaign reach a larger audience by involving your already existing support base.
  • Think of ways keep the conversation going. You have shared it all along in as many places as you like. But then what? How do you keep people talking about your cause? Can you now afford a celebrity to endorse it? There are so many ways to give your campaign a whiff of fresh air. Creating a blog documenting the tale of the target people? Having an Instagram account? A website maybe documenting all aspects of your work? It depends on the magnitude of the purpose for which the crowdfunding campaign really is.
  • You can always pitch in a few extra bucks by running a parallel offline fundraising campaign. This also takes your campaign to the off-the-grid people. After all,  24.3% of the country’s population are active internet users.

It is not that difficult really. Everybody keeping tabs on the new things in the world are visiting the crowdfunding websites. In India, at the end of the day, it all depends on the purpose for which you are having your campaign. For medical emergencies, the reputed crowdfunding platforms in India are usually more than enough to help people tide over the crisis. More patient investment is required in sustained campaigns- treatment of chronic diseases, campaigns run by NGOs, crowdfunding campaigns for startups. But for every kind of crowdfunding, it all comes down to the golden rule- hustle. The more you hustle, the more successful you are. Cheers!

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