Tips for Keeping Your Awnings in Great Condition

It is important to keep your awnings properly maintained to ensure longevity, there is no point in paying good money to install them if you never take the time to care for them. It is essential that you care for your investment otherwise you’ll need to purchase a new unit. The easiest way to take care of your awnings is to regularly clean and service them, systematic maintenance helps to keep your units in tip top shape.

  • Monthly Service

Brush – Take some time, once a month to brush away any heavy debris that has accumulated on your awnings, there are certain times of the year in Melbourne when the weather gets blustery causing dirt particles to gather on your awnings. Sweep away dirt that builds up throughout the month by using a soft tipped broom, so you don’t damage the fabric.

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Cut –Remember to cut away any trees or greenery which is growing onto your awnings, it is vital that you keep them away from the fabric just in case they damage the material. You should ensure branches are trimmed, so they don’t obstruct the unit when you retract or extend the awnings. Some plants contain acid that is released upon contact with a foreign body, this acid can stain, causing your fabric to become discoloured and worn.

Examine – It is important to regularly examine your awnings, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve invested in high-quality folding arm awnings in Melbourne or lower grade exterior awnings in another city, they both need to be checked at least once a month. Look for small holes, scratches, or tears, and fix them as soon as possible.

  • Yearly Service

Avoid – Don’t try and take down your awnings when you want to give them a thorough clean, they can be difficult to put back up without the help of an expert, you could also end up damaging the unit when trying to re-fit.

Spray – It is important to clean your awnings at least once a year using a spray gun, make sure you can adjust the settings, so you don’t damage the unit. Rinse the entire product with lukewarm water and apply a recommended cleaning solution. Once the solution has been used on the awnings, make sure you thoroughly rinse away any excess cleaning compounds and leave the awning extended so it can dry.

  • Retract When Necessary

If you have installed a retractable awning on your property, remember to take proper care of the unit during adverse weather conditions. Strong winds can easily damage roof top tiles that may come loose and fall onto your awnings. Gale force winds also have the potential to rip your awning off its stabilising brackets.

There are numerous ways to keep your awnings in great shape, follow regular maintenance procedures on a monthly and yearly basis to ensure longevity. If you take the time to properly maintain your investment, they’ll function with ease and look as good as new for an extensive period. It doesn’t take much effort to conduct regular spot checks from time to time.

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