Tips on What to Consider When Shopping for Curtains

Curtains can add beautiful details to your window and help you tie up your interior design. If you learn the tricks of choosing the best curtains, you will have both the functionality and form that window dressing provides. The availability of many types of curtains can be overwhelming. Even if you are a trained and professional interior designer, choosing the best from the many options available can be very difficult. To avoid getting confused, some of the tips to make things easier include:

Consider the Room and Its Function

The color and fabric you choose will determine the amount of light that will penetrate the room. If you want your sitting room to appear well lit, then it would be advisable to go for slightly lighter curtains with sheer lining. The color should also be brighter to give an illusion of space and illumination. If you are selecting curtains for your bedroom, and you do not want a lot of light, go for heavy fabric. The color can also be darker if you enjoy sleeping in a dimly lit room.

Think of Your Budget

Your budget will determine the kind of curtains you bring home. If you are looking for expensive fabric with intricate design, then you can be sure you will have to dig deeper into your pocket. There are however other fairly priced curtains that will serve the purpose. You can also seek for deals and bargains from companies that make them. A simple and specific search like: “curtains doylestown pa” if you live in Pennsylvania can lead you to many sites.

How to Wash the Curtains

The biggest mistake you can make when buying curtains is not asking if the fabric can be put in a washing machine. There have been many cases of people who bought curtains that can only be dry cleaned but tried washing them out of ignorance. The end of such attempts is always ruined fabric. Even though “dry clean only” type of curtains are expensive to clean, they always maintain their quality better.

The Needed Length

Shopping for a curtain needs you to know the exact measurement of what you are looking for. Ask yourself if you want your whole window to be covered. If you are one of the people who need a curtain that is sweeping on the floor, then you should measure the exact length that works for you. If you have children or pets, you should bear in mind that if the curtain is too long, they will pull and yank on them. If you are not sure of the exact length to get, you can hire an interior designer to help you decide.

The Company Selling/Making the Curtains

Once you choose the fabric that you feel will work for you, the next step is finding a place to have the curtain stitched. While there are some companies that sell fabrics and stitch at a low fee, there are some who will want you to find your own curtain maker. Seek for one in your neighborhood. This makes it easier to have a face to face chat on your design expectations. You should always ask for their work portfolio and check out their reviews to see if they will give you what you want.

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