Tips to Create an Amazing Refinished Basement

Every project round the home can be completed by a professional contractor or can be undertaken by yourself.  This is true regardless of the size of the project.  With just a little knowledge and plenty of spare time you will be able to complete a refinished basement project.  However, what sets some projects apart from others are the small touches which create the perfect finish.

If you are doing a refinished basement project then you can benefit from the following finishing touches; these will make sure your refinished basement stands out and has the wow factor!


Never underestimate the benefit of proper framing.  This means that the door frames are finished perfectly; edging is used at the top of walls; especially if they do not go all the way to the ceiling.  But, framing is about more than just adding wood to the edge of the main features.  In fact it does not even have to be wood.

Framing is about making the most of the space; an alcove can be filled with a cinema size TV screen set into a display cabinet.  The cabinet must be designed to fit the space and yet not be too big for the room.

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Just as in any room of the house, your refinished basement must be balanced.  Seating areas should be positioned to maximize the available space without making it feel too small.  The number of rooms must be designed to create a spacious feel; less is often better when looking at refinished basements.


Most rooms in your home will have their own windows; this will help the room to feel light and airy.  However, a refinished basement may have few or even no windows.  It will be important to use discreet but bright lighting and plenty of mirrors to bounce the available light round the rooms.  This will help to ensure that the refinished basement is an appealing place to spend time.

If possible adding a window or two can be extremely beneficial; however, this will require planning and is a costly exercise.


A showroom or refinished basement can create a wow factor but it is not possibly to use the space easily and maintain this look.  If you have created a space that you wish to actually use then you should look for comfortable, yet stylish furniture which can be easily cleaned.  You will also find that a more minimalistic approach is beneficial.

Small Touches

Never underestimate the value of the small touches.  These are the little things which are taken for granted but, without which, will leave your refinished basement looking empty or lacking in character.

Small touches include family photos on the walls, but not too many.  The vase, or ornamental plate on the side, and even the collection of antique but adorable teddies can add a personal touch.  The trick is to add just a few personal items which make the space feel homely without detracting from the neat line of the well finished job.

You should then be able to enjoy the space and keep it looking amazing!

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