Use a relocation expert to Switzerland

Switzerland is popular for its mature financial and business markets. Its location, close to Europe attracts lots of foreign businesses that want to get into the European market while also taking advantage of the countries close to but out of the Europe.

This strategic location and its government support for business makes it a highly attractive place to set up a business.

Switzerland is also known for its tough and laws on foreigners and setting up of foreign businesses. For this reason, it is prudent for foreign business to seek the help of expert relocation service providers when intending to move to Switzerland.

Listed are advantages of using expert consultants for your business relocation to Switzerland.

  1. Help you acquire work and residence permits easily

To work in Switzerland, one must be a resident. You can choose to put yourself through the tedious resident visa application process, or leave it to an experienced consultant to help you go through the process fast and easily.

With help, you can put together all the necessary documentation easily and have your resident visa ready by the time you are ready to start your business in Switzerland.

  1. Help in your search for suitable business premises

One of the most taxing business set up activity, is the search for a suitable business location and premises. In a foreign country, this task will be more difficult.

Your relocation consultant usually is much better placed to deal with these logistical issues. Often, they know the country and are residents. They have more contacts and they know the right place a company of your stature should be located to ensure that it commands respect and attention.

  1. Legal consulting

There are different forms in which you can incorporate your organization in Switzerland. Having a friendly party advising you helps you understand the requirements for each type of incorporation in the context of Switzerland.

For example, you do not have to register your business until you have several customers and it has reached a certain level of income annually. Your relocation consultant will offer this legal advice and more on how to do business in Switzerland.

  1. Settling in

When you finally relocate with for your new business branch in Switzerland, it is highly likely you will not know anyone. Yet, you will need someone to advise you on how to go about navigating the social space in your new home country.

Your relocation consultant will help you get settled in and even advice on the best TV, Wi-Fi and telephone services to use at home. They will assist you in the selection, paying for and installing them in your new house.

  1. Capacity of the relocation expert

When moving, ensure that you select a relocation expert who can competently handle your business relocation to Switzerland process. Different relocation service providers are suitable for small businesses while others will competently handle large companies and staff relocation.

It is important that you choose a relocation expert who can capably handle the move for your company. Consider whether you are moving specialized equipment or your move only involves a location search and a staff move.

Relocation experts do not have to be large companies to handle your move. Ensure that you select one with experience for every aspect of your move.

  1. Official interpreter

Switzerland has four official languages, German, Italian, French and Romansh. If you are relocating from an English speaking country, you may not have the capacity to speak any of these languages. You will therefore need an interpreter.

Most Swiss are able to speak all official languages. Your relocation expert will accompany you to meetings and help interpret for you ensuing conversations.


As you can see, relocation experts offer a diverse range of services that you will require to ease your relocation process. Select the experts and you will have a hassle free relocation to Switzerland.


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