Various Types of Driveway Coatings Explained

Those humble driveway coatingsoutside there, help to protect a surface from the destructive effects of things likepetrol, oil, and the powerful rays of the sun. Different kinds of driveway coating products are available nowadays for surfaces like asphalt and concrete driveways.

  • Asphalt driveways can be coated with coal tar, asphalt, acrylic, water-based, or oil-based products.
  • Concrete driveways may be covered with a choice of epoxy or linseed oil-based products.
  • Plus, there is also a unique crack-filling driveway coating which can be used for both asphalt and concrete surfaces.


Asphalt driveway coatings are mostly made from asphalt and sand and are somewhat more likely to be impaired by petrol and oil than other kinds of coatings, due to petrol functioning as a solvent for asphalt. Asphalt coatings which will be continuously exposed to sunlight will be in need of an upgrade every three to four years and will generally be more expensive than coal tar coatings.

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Coal Tar

Coal tar driveway coatings are made from coal tar, polymers, and clay or sand. This coating is long lasting due to its ability to resistoil and petrol. Coal tar driveway coatings can be laid down on surfaces which are constantly exposed to sunlight, and won’t fade or lose its colour with time. This type of coating is more cost friendly and can be professionally applied by groundwork companies in Norwich, whom have the required experience and modern equipment.


Acrylic coatings are fully artificialand made up from a mix of polymers and acrylic. Acrylic drivewaysare normally quite expensive, but havemore resistance to things such as sunlight, oil, and petrol than other coatings. This coating is usually easy to apply and will last for many years and comes in differentcolours.

Water Based

Water-based and oil-based driveway coatings are cheap and simple to apply. Their coatings are the same in their make-up to normal paint and come in many colours. The petroleum factor of oil-based coatings will make them slightly longer lasting than water-based coatings and both of them offer the same resistance to UV rays as regular paint does and will needrecoating after a couple of years.


Traditional concrete driveways can be covered with either epoxy material or plain linseed oil. The epoxy driveway coating will protect the surface from the likes of petrol, oil, and sunlight,making it long lasting. By applyingan epoxy coating over a concrete driveway, itwill prevent any cracking during times of extreme temperature change.

Able to Withstand Cracks

Special crack-filling driveway coatings can be made use of for both concrete and asphalt surfaces and are specially made for small areas to stop existing cracks from expanding. These crack-filling coatings can be made by use of a hot or cold method, where cold applications are carried out by use of a caulking tool, while hot applications use a propane torch.

Modern driveways now have a superb choice of layers!

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