What Types of Block Pavers Are Available Today?


We’ve all seen them some place, and usually being used for highlighting patios, walkways and driveways.

They are available in a range of different materials, with the most favouredbeing brick, stone, concrete,travertine and flagstone,even though the type people choose will also relyupon things such as the paver’s design, shape and colour.

Brick Type

Brick pavers in Clacton on sea have become one of the most favoured kind of paving due to the fact thatthey have been deemed environmentally friendly and need little maintenance.

  • They are made from natural clay and are easy to clean and are used inblock pavingfor walkways and vehicle driveways, because they are slip and skid resistant.

Coming in different shapes including keyhole, fan, X- shape, W-shaped and a parallelogram, and the colours consist of earthy, natural tones and blends of red, green, browns and buffs.

Concrete Type

Concrete pavers are normally chosen by people living in areaswhich experienceconditions of very hot or cold temperatures, due to them allowing for a small amount of movement without any cracking and no deterioration.

  • Byhaving the ability to move with different types of soil, it allows the surface to keep a nice and streamlined appearance.

Concrete pavers come in many shapes, such as pentagons, fans, hexagons, octagons, parallelograms, keyhole, Xand W-shapes and are available in awide range of colours.

Stone and Travertine Types

Stone block pavers are mined from a quarry or collected from rock outcrops. Because they are not manufactured, making them difficult to get hold of, they are usually slightly expensive.

Some examples you have possibly already seen would be in:

  • Granite
  • Limestone
  • Marble
  • Sandstone
  • Porphyry
  • Bluestone

Granite and limestone are perfect as pool decking, because they have a non-slip surface, ifnot polished. Marble, sandstone, porphyry and bluestone are ideal to improve the looks of patios, walkways, fireplaces and bathrooms.

  • Their shapes include square, rectangular, hexagonal, octagonal, circular and diamond

Travertine, is often seen used on walkways, driveways, patios, and around pools, as it stayscool even in direct sunlight. When travertine is installed, it is guaranteed to last a lifetime, and willincrease its good visuals with time, instead of degrading.


Flagstone is a type of block paver that is utilised in both indoor and outdoor settings, and just like travertine, itabsorbsno heat, which makes it the perfect paver to use around any swimming pool.

  • It will also not crack in places where there aresnow or frost weather conditions, thus making it perfect for use as the ideal driveway or some other place where there is heavy traffic.

Flagstone is renowned for its low maintenance, easy fitting and will last at least 30 years without anyneed of repairs. Shapes can include square, rectangular, hexagonal and diamond.

With such a wonderful selection of block paving out there, you can never say that you are short of choice?!

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