What You Might Expect In A Bathroom Renovation Project

Probably every single person that works in the real estate industry—from contractors to mortgage lenders to real estate agents—agrees that renovations are always a smart way to make your home more livable and improve its value all at the same time.  And most would also probably agree that the updating your kitchen will probably give you the most bang for your proverbial buck.

But what about the various other parts of the house?  Are there other rooms that might yield a high value if you were to renovate them?

Sure!  Every single room in the house will yield some kind of return, but the kitchen is the one which can consistently promise the most. On the other hand, the room that often yields somewhat low return is the bathroom.  That is not to say, of course, that you should never make a Renovco bathroom renovation a priority.  Indeed, this could be a good idea; it is just that these jobs tend to be both pricey and complicated.

And that means more risk.

Still, here are some things that you should consider if you are planning a bathroom renovation in your home:


It might seem obvious to you, but making smart design choices in a bathroom renovation is imperative.  Yes, this room has a very specific purpose but there is nothing wrong with adding a little aesthetic to make the experience more pleasant. At the same time, always opt for function over fashion in this case.  The best of both worlds, of course, would be divine but if you have to choose one: function, always.


You’ve heard it a thousand times but in no project is it, perhaps, more true than in a bathroom renovation: work smarter, not harder.  Again, this is a complicated job: the bathroom is typically a compact space, but in that space you have structural pieces, plumbing fixtures, and electrical components. And you certainly don’t want to get any of these in the way of each other. Always take the time to figure out where all of these components are and how you can work around them to make the job go as smooth as possible, before you choose your design elements.  Otherwise you could end up with some costly repairs that backtrack you several days and thousands of dollars.

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