Why the Omega chair is the answer to your bad working posture?

Have you ever paid attention to the way you sit when you’re working? Some of us lean into the desk while using our keyboards. Some of us have trouble placing our feet while we work on the computer. Others have difficulty finding the ideal position to fully rest their body as they work.

At its core, it all comes down to how user-friendly your office chair really is. A good once can always help you find the best position to work in. you’d never have to compromise your posture for the sake of delivering the best output. 

This is where the Omega chair can be your savior. If you’re starting to strain your back by leaning too far, having trouble finding the best height, or simply feel uncomfortable in your existing workspace, it’s time to switch to the Omega chair. Here are all the reasons why this office chair is the answer to correcting your bad working posture:

  • Ergonomic Engineering

The best quality of the Omega chair is that it features a completely intuitive design. It has been engineered in a way that is not only comfortable, but molds to the contours of your body. This chair is a haven for everyone who spends long hours working in a seated position. The craftsmanship of this chair ensures that your body does not have to be under constant negative pressure. The seat, back, and base provide a balanced support system that stabilizes your body in the most ergonomic position during work hours. All of these qualities are neatly packaged in a beautiful, stylish, highly streamlined design.

  • 3 Sitting Modes

The Omega chair boasts 3 unique sitting modes. Each one is incredibly ergonomic and allows the user to change their body posture depending on their mood. This quality makes this task chair a unique and user-friendly choice.

The first of the three sitting modes is ‘Focus.’ This setting allows you to adjust your chair in a way that accommodates and facilitates the working environment. The second one is ‘Relax’ where the user can comfortably sit while doing a number of activities. The third one is ‘Lay Back’ which allows the user to lean back and enjoy a relaxing nap without having to get up. All of these modes can be adjusted with a twist of your hand.

  • Customizable Lumbar Support & 4D Armrest

Lastly, the Omega chair is the best choice because of its incredible customizations. The chair offers an adjustable lumbar support system, which allows the user to customize the height and angle of the lumbar area until you find a position that perfectly fits the curve of your spine.

Other than that, there’s the flexible 4D armrest, which is perfect for taking away some of the pressure on the forearms while you work. This relieves the stress that’s usually put on the shoulders when you lean forward, and also heightens the support system that one might need at any specific height.

All of these qualities exemplify the ergonomics of the Omega chair and make the best choice for everyone who’s suffering from aching backs and stressed shoulders.

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